Fruits & Wine

"Fruit quality for exports is a real challenge - easily managed with fertilizers from COMPO EXPERT."

Ana Torres, Producer

COMPO EXPERT has developed the “classic” special mineral fertilizer in several formats in order to add value to farmers:

With partly coated NPK fertilizers such as DuraTec, crops in the field as well as in the greenhouse benefit from a nutrient store. In several high-value markets, ISODUR-based NPK are used successfully.

Highly soluble granulated NPK´s marketed under the Solugran brand are, for example, helping farmers with simple irrigation systems. For classic fertigation, besides the established nutrient salts branded Hakaphos, the innovative NovaTec technology has been extended with the introduction of NovaTec solub on a worldwide basis.

Leaf and trace element fertilizers such as Fetrilon complement the range of products for intensive horticulture.

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