Nursery & Ornamentals

"Our plants are our capital - ensured by the fertilizers from COMPO EXPERT."

Bertrand Dieudonne, Grower

The controlled-release Basacote fertilizer has been specially developed for nursery and ornamental plants, and, depending on the type, guarantees to constantly supply the plants with nutrients for three to twelve months. The coated Basacote controlled-release fertilizers today guarantee high quality and high crop yields when cultivating container plants in tree and ornamental plant nurseries, as well as in plant hole fertilisation globally.

For the open field nursery, an outstanding example of COMPO EXPERT research and development is the NovaTec NPK range, the ground-breaking innovation in the fertilizer market. The NovaTec product technology ensures higher yield and better harvest quality in horticulture due to its more efficient usage of nitrogen. This is achieved with less effort and optimal environmental balance, since NovaTec reduces the amount of nitrates being leached away into the ground water. These unique product advantages have penetrated the market in a remarkably short time.

For fertigation, besides the established nutrient salts branded Hakaphos, the innovative NovaTec technology has been extended with the introduction of NovaTec solub on a worldwide basis. Liquid (Kamasol), leaf and trace element fertilizers complement the assortment for nursery and ornamental crops.

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