Fertigation Center

Core Team

  • Dr. Mauricio Hunsche
    R&D Director
    COMPO Expert GmbH
    Krögerweg 10
    48155 Münster, Germany
  • Melanie Geukes
    R&D International
    COMPO Expert GmbH
    Krögerweg 10
    48155 Münster, Germany
  • Nico Tomme
    Supply Chain Manager
    Compo Benelux N.V.
    Filliersdreef 14
    9800 Deinze, Belgium

  • Stathis Pavlakos
    Product Manager
    COMPO Hellas S.A.
    Egialias 54
    151 25 Maroussi/Athen, Greece

The core team in the Fertigation Center has a multi-functional and international profile, with members specialized in the various relevant areas of our expertise: R&D, product management, marketing and supply chain.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Strategic planning of Fertigation Center activities
  • Managing the interface between marketing & sales divisions within COMPO EXPERT
  • Recruitment of external experts
  • Organization of regional seminars
  • Innovation management
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